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Calendar of Events for 2011

3rd January 2011

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January 2011                                                                                     VENUE
 8th -            Referees Course Part 1 & 2                                                               Willenhall Community Centre
15th -           Umpires Course Part 1                                                                      Willenhall Community Centre
16th -           Umpires Course Part 2                                                                      Willenhall Community Centre
28th -           Black Belt Patterns Course                                                               Hutton Moor Sports Centre W-S-M 

20th -           Black Belt Pre-Pre Grading                                                                Bristol Academy
27th -           South West Championships                                                               Salisbury Leisure Cente 

 5th -           Umpires Course Parts 1 & 2                                                              Trinity School, Newbury
12th -           Referees Course Parts 1 & 2                                                             Newbury Race Course, Newbury
20th -           Black Belt Pre Grading                                                                     Bristol Academy
27th -           English Championships                                                                    Telford Shropshire 

2nd -           Black Belt Pre-Grading Training                                                         Hutton Moor Sports Centre W-S-M
9th -           Black Belt Pre-Grading Training                                                          Hutton Moor Sports Centre W-S-M
15th-17th    Black Belt Grading                                                                            Bristol Academy

14th -         Umpires Course Part 1                                                                       Willenhall Community Centre
15th -         Umpires Course Part 2                                                                       Willenhall Community Centre  
22nd -        Welsh Championships                                                                        Cardiff Indoor Arena 

11th-12th   Instructors Course Part 1                                                                    Bristol Academy 
19th -         Referees Course Parts 1 & 2                                                              Willenhall Community Centre
26th -         Black Belt Patterns Course                                                                Hutton Moor Leisure Centre W-S-M 

3rd -         Referees Course Part 1 & 2                                                                Willenhall Community Centre
22nd-24th      US Open                                                                                      Dallas Texas, USA
30 - 6th Aug   Adult Summer Camp                                                                    Veryan Cornwall 

12th -14th -  Junior Summer Camp                                                                     Chelwood Nr Bath 


3rd   -        Umpires Course Part 1                                                                     Newbury Racecourse, Newbury
4th   -        Umpires Course Part 2                                                                     Newbury Racecourse, Newbury
18th -        Black Belt Pre-Grading                                                                     Bristol Academy

2nd  -       Black Belt Pre-Grading Training                                                        Hutton Moor Sports Centre W-S-M
9th  -        Black Belt Pre-Grading Training                                                        Hutton Moor Sports Centre W-S-M
14th-16th   Black Belt Grading                                                                         Bristol Academy
30th -        Southern Championships                                                                 Riverside Leisure Centre,Exeter

5th -         Referees Course Parts 1 & 2                                                             Newbury Racecourse, Newbury
12th-13th - Instructors Course Part 2                                                                 Bristol Academy
27th -          British Championships                                                                   Telford Shropshire